Einurð participates in the E-POWER project


The project is focused on solving problems with the inclusion of disadvantaged children and youth in primary and secondary schools. Cooperation is an important pillar of the project – many European countries, like the Czech Republic, face similar problems in integrating disadvantaged groups into society, and the transfer and sharing of best practices and examples of good practice can help address them.

The aim of this call is to develop, support and strengthen the competencies of primary and secondary school teachers in the inclusive education of children and youth not only in the field of business and social innovation.

For this reason, the CpKP North Moravia has established cooperation with the non-profit organizations Lyk-z & daughters from Norway and Einurd from Iceland, which have experience with inclusive education and training in business and social innovation in these countries. The expert consultants of the project are representatives of an Icelandic organization Móðurmál – the Association on Bilingualism  and Pedagogical-Psychologist Counseling Center in Šumperk.

About the project: In the project partners want to use their experience with the issue of inclusion and experience with social entrepreneurship and innovation training and education, and achieve the following project goals:

  • Increase primary and secondary school teachers’ classroom-based skills in inclusive training youth (15-18 years old) in entrepreneurship and social innovation.
  • Deliver high quality open and online educational resources for entrepreneurship training of youth.
  • Transferring best practices in inclusive teaching methodologies and multicultural classroom settings
  • Character building and empowerment of disadvantaged groups of students/pupils.
  • Enhance teachers’ skills in training for social entrepreneurship, based upon pupils’ personal strengths, culture and value system.